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    • G-MUSC work informs EULAR event in Brussels on World Arthritis Day

      To celebrate World Arthritis Day 2016, EULAR has launched ‘The Future in your Hands’ – a social media campaign informing people around the world about rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases (RMDs) and why taking action is so important. You can watch the video here. Coinciding with World Arthritis Day, EULAR also... Read more →

    • ARMA – UK NAN produces Policy Position Paper on Work and MSK Health

      Chair of G-MUSC, Tony Woolf, was invited to the launch of the Government’s Green Paper (consultative document) on Work, Disability and Health : Improving Lives. For the first time MSKs are fully included. G-MUSC had the opportunity to comment at this launch and Tony Woolf was able to have firsthand interaction... Read more →

    • L’Oreal launch an app for hairdressers in partnership with G-MUSC

      G-MUSC have been working with L’Oreal to create an App for hairdressers. The App was launched on 3rd November and should soon be available from the App Store and Google Play; it is to be published in 8 languages including Chinese and Russian. The announcement was made at the largest European... Read more →

    • Getting People into Jobs – Stories from Pakistan

      The theme for Bone and Joint Action Week 2016 is “Musculoskeletal health to stay in work”. This reflects increasing recognition of the importance of musculoskeletal health to enable people to stay in work, be independent and enjoy a life without pain. Of equal importance is the need to create livelihood... Read more →