Each year at the World Network Conference, the Bone and Joint Decade presents its International Video Award. This prize recognises the most innovative and creative video presentations produced in BJD member countries aimed at delivering messages to the public about musculoskeletal health. All BJD National Action Networks (NAN’s) are invited to submit short videos which have been produced by the Network or by the national health department or other charity for public service and information. The themes of the videos may be any topic which falls into the realm of the BJD target areas and echoes the goals of the Decade; for instance, the role of seatbelts in road traffic injury prevention, the role of good nutrition in osteoporosis prevention, and so on.
An award is also made each year to the NAN that has been Most Enterprising working towards the mission of the BJD during the preceding twelve months. The award is made on the basis of poster submissions by each NAN to the World Network Conference. The posters describe the activities undertaken by each NAN on behalf of the BJD.

BJD Distinguished Service Awards

The Bone and Joint Decade is dependent on the activities of all the professional, scientific and patient organisations relevant to all conditions that impact on musculoskeletal health working together at national, regional and international levels. The success is dependent on the contribution by individuals around the world, variously physicians, nurses, therapists, patients and other volunteers, often above and beyond expectations.


Ruth Lilian :            Australia

Wolfhart Puhl :        Austria

Even Laerum :        Sweden

Joseph Bernstein :   USA