One of the originating networks of the Bone and Joint Decade, the National Action Network for Brazil brings together a wide representation of the national organisations and stakeholders that are committed to improving the quality of life for those affected by musculoskeletal conditions.

List of Brazillian NAN member organisations

Dr Marcos Britto da Silva is a visiting Professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. His work mainly involves Traumatology and Sports Medicine. He has worked for 20 years in the Emergency Service at Hospital Municipal Miguel Couto, the largest service trauma Rio de Janeiro with 4000 orthopaedic surgeries per year.

In addition to the network, Brazil is represented on the International Coordinating Council of the Bone and Joint Decade by Dr Marcos E. Musafir whose biography can be found here.

Dr Musafir is also a BJD Ambassador together with Professor Eduardo de Rose.  The Bone and Joint Decade Ambassador programme honours outstanding service and achievement by leaders in the musculoskeletal community. Comprising both health-care professionals and patient advocates, BJD Ambassadors promote the mission of the Decade internationally and within their countries, assist National Action Network development, facilitate strategic contacts and work with the International Coordinating Council to achieve the goals of the Decade.

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