Experts in Arthritis and Fit to a T videos in Spanish

Spanish-language versions of the whiteboard videos of our public education programs Experts in Arthritis ( and Fit to a T ( are now available online. We invite you to view and share the English- and Spanish-language videos widely. There are no restrictions on downloading them for patient viewing.

Experts in Arthritis aims to inform people with arthritis how to take control and manage the disease, and provides for them the opportunity to interact with experts in arthritis care at live sessions.

Fit to a T educates men and women about their risk for fracture and osteoporosis, how to prevent a fracture – especially secondary fractures, bone loss and osteoporosis, and provides the opportunity to interact with healthcare professionals at live sessions.

Help educate the world by sharing these videos with your professional network, patients, the visiting public, and on social media. If you are interested in scheduling a live session of either programme in your community, sign up at, or, or email There is no charge for the prepared presentation or handout materials and we will assist with organisation and promotion.


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