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Prof Hiroshi Yamamoto


Dr. Yoshiteru MUTO of Bone and Joint Japan receives 69th National Health Culture Award

Bone & Joint Health Japan is proud to announce that Dr. Yoshiteru MUTO, a founding member and director, was awarded the prestigious Health Culture Award for his achievement to advance academic research on falling among the elderly which often leads to bone fracture, bedridden state, nursing care, across many different social fields and established mainstream recognition of needs for preventive measures.  Dr. Muto is also commended in the Award for his publication of many academic books as well as educational activities contributing to both learning and practice areas.  He is professor emeritus of the University of Tokyo and President of the Research Institute of Nippon Sport Science University.

This Award started in 1950 at a time immediately after the WWII by the initiative of The Dai-ichi Insurance Co. Ltd. and is supported by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, etc.  Award ceremony will be held in Tokyo on October 12, 2017 followed by an audience with the Imperial couple on next day.


‘Humans Ability’ South Pole expedition 2014

Prince Albert Of Monaco Jouneys To The South PoleThis year in December the Japanese adventurer Shinji Kazama is planning a special event recognised by the WHO and Bone and Joint Decade. The ‘Human Ability’ South Pole expedition will see a team of both able bodied and those affected by musculoskeletal issue taking on a grueling 42km (full length of a marathon) trek on ice sledges and foot to the South Pole.

Shinji Kazama, a BJD International Ambassador, has taken on many previous challenges including a relay race between Sendai and Okinawa on bicycles, wheelchairs and handcycles. The 3000km race raised awareness of MSC’s right across Japan. Mr Kazama and team of 2 other physically challenged riders also used motorcycles, bicycles, dog sleds and boats to travel for the Southern tip of Chile to the North pole, culminating at the BJD world network conference in Lund, September 2010. The key message of the this current expedition is to give a message to the world that in the 21 century, it is essential for everyone to recognise the importance of our limbs and their impact on the health of the entire body. The expedition will also aim to raise awareness that physical disabilities cannot and should not stop anyone from pursing their dreams.

Current efforts to raise sponsorship have reduced the final cost to participants by two thirds. If you think you would like to participate or require more information about the preliminary schedule please contact Solveig Boergen at solveigboergen@gmail.com


To see a proposal about the expedition created by the Japaneses advertising agency Hakuhodo, please click here.