Trauma and Care of the Injured

Trauma and the care of the injured – a programme has been designed to develop a BJD Trauma Musculoskeletal Global Alliance with the focus on road traffic injuries, sports injuries, educational injuries and work injuries in relation to trauma prevention, severity, pre-hospital care, hospital & trauma center services and the best rehabilitation for all injured patients, worldwide.

The work relates closely to the WHO Strategic Objective for implementation of prevention programmes and capacity building in injuries due to road traffic crashes (RTI), emergency trauma care and rehabilitation (WHO Strategic Objective 3).

Once fully funded and operational, this programme will focus on 10 specific goals, including World Prize for Best Experiences in Reduction of RTI, Annual Meeting of RTI Reduction alliance, International Forum for the care of the Injured with the WHO, advocacy based on World Health Assembly (WHA) Resolution 60.22, World Trauma Day, World Musculoskeletal Trauma Academy, Quality Seal Accreditation for Trauma Centers.