What we do

The activities of the Bone and Joint Decade are driven by the eight programmes of the Strategic Action Plan.

The Strategic Action Plan defines 8 programmes of work aimed at the global objective of raising priority for musculoskeletal conditions on the global and national health agenda.  The programmes are:

1.Advocacy: To raise awareness of public and policy makers of the burden of musculoskeletal conditions and what can be achieved by implementing effective prevention and treatment

2.Partnership: To develop sustainable networks at global, regional and national levels

3.Surveillance: To increase knowledge of the suffering and cost to society associated with musculoskeletal conditions

4.Public and patient education: To empower people to gain priority for their own care

5.Prevention and control: To improve access to cost-effective prevention and treatment

6.Research: To increase research that will advance understanding of musculoskeletal disorders and improve prevention and treatment

7.Knowledge management: To provide access to information that will support the objectives of the BJD

8.Organisation fit for purpose: To develop a sustainable global organisation able to carry out the mission, objectives and programmes of the Strategic Action Plan for 2010-2020


The BJD Annual Report provides a detail account of the activities of the Bone and Joint Decade to raise awareness for musculoskeletal conditions over the preceding twelve months. Click here to see this year’s Annual Report of Activities.