World Network Conference

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 About the BJD World Network Conference

130[2] washingtonThe annual World Network Conference of the Bone and Joint Decade is a strategically and scientifically important meeting for the musculoskeletal community, aimed at maintaining the momentum of the Bone and Joint Decade in order to raise the priority of musculoskeletal health and science.

The conference provides a forum for top opinion leaders in bone and joint health, the World Health Organization, participants from leading societies, journals, and the Decade’s 70-country strong network.

This year’s conference will focus on identifying the opportunities and benefits of working together, both between professions and disciplines but also across countries. The re is also a World Summit that will highlight the burden of disease related to musculoskeletal conditions and the actions that need to be taken to control this.  A call for explicit actions by policy makers to deal with this large and growing burden will be made.  The Call for Action asks for explicit plans to deal with prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and research.  Most importantly it calls for priority in the implementation of such planes to avoid preventable disability.

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